Small Business Cleaning

Create regular customers with a feeling of comfort in your business. From antique shops to dentist offices, we’ll help you make a lasting first impression on every customer that walks in your store.


In-office Cleaning

Thorough vacuuming throughout individual offices. Under desks and around furniture. As-needed dusting and window cleaning.

Trash Disposal

Frequent trash removal to keep appearances up and odors at bay.

Floor Care

Flexible floor care services designed to cater to any flooring your office may contain. Tom’s Cleaning utilizes high-powered commercial vacuums and microfiber mops to keep your floors free of dirt and debris. 

Restroom Cleaning

Keep hair, hygiene products, dust, and more from accumulating around the floor and sink areas.

Breakroom Cleaning

Help keep the breakroom a relaxing area to get away with our professional cleaning services. 

Furniture Cleaning

Maintain a clean presence in your customer areas. Dusted tables, wiped down seats, and disinfecting children’s areas are all a great way to provide a great customer experience.

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Did you know...

Forbes suggests that as a small business owner, cleanliness should be kept at the highest priority. When customers see smudges or dirt, it gives the impression of an indifferent business owner. Presentation is key for customer retention.